Do not stare at me because I am darkened by the sun, we are present at a wedding. But the men and women in the foreground are unrecognisable and blurred, while the surrounding woods and mountains are, on the contrary, clear and luminous. The title is again taken from the Song of Songs of Solomon, which is rich in botanical and bucolic images. Here the relationship is reversed: the love story becomes a pretext for focusing our attention on the surrounding landscape. From the village of the married couple in South Lebanon, we can see the Israeli colonies: the contrast between the ancient stones of the Lebanese church and the modern houses of the kibboutz on the horizon is riveting. The tension is palpable, even on this day of celebration, since the region is still under strict military control. In order to be able to film the scene, the artist had to resort to ruse by passing himself off as a wedding photographer.” Giulia Turati and Xavien Jullien for Panem et Circences 2018