Marwan Moujaes

fourty days of mourning

Video installation, Courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.
On August 21, 2013, at 3:15 a chemical attack in Gotha in Syria made between 322 and 1729 victims.
40 days of mourning is the video of the Sun from August 21st, 2013 at 3:15 to 3rd of October at 3:15. 40 days before the soul leaves the body. 40 days of mourning for the body begins its decomposition.





Flowers, Framed picture, 2015
After the first chemical attack in Syria in 2013, an image of two children whose heads were numbered 54 and 55 was spread in the media.
In 54,55 I hide the image with a bunch of flowers inviting the viewer to choreograph an action seeking an image behind the plants.


Marwan Moujaes I Brought you candies Because Flowers Are Perishable.jpg

I Brought you candies Because Flowers Are Perishable

In July 2015 I installed a bee hive on the outer boundary wall of the closed Jewish cemetery of Beirut. Unlike humans, bees were able to cross the wall, collect the nectar from flowers and return to build their honeycomb city and produce honey.
Seven months later, the harvested honey was used to produce 100 grams of candies made from 80 g of honey ( the amount collected by bees once on an area of 1800 m2, the surface of the cemetry).

I Brought you candies Because Flowers Are Perishable 3.jpg



watch it HERE

counting sheep marwan moujaes .jpg

Counting Sheep

Video installation, Video loop. A sleeping video made for Counting the sheep walking down the Litani river in Lebanon.

counting sheep.jpg
Marwan Moujaes Fiat Lux 2017.jpg

fiat lux

Candle and candle holder, 2017

The unconsumed wax drops fallen from candles lit in Parisian churches are used to mold a candle that brings together remains of complaints, whishes and prayers.

Don't stare at me because I am darkened by the sun

Do not stare at me

Because I am Darkened by the







Sequence 01.Still003.jpg

100 kf of flesh, Photography, 2017, With Adham Al Dimashki
The poet plays on the roofs of the city scenes of a lost Beirutan sexuality.