2018 - 2019

April 2018  Nominated for Sciences-Po Art Prize for Contemporary Art, with artists: Eve Chabanon, Gaelle Choisne, Julien Creuzet, Arnaud Dezotaux, Simon Ripoll-Hurier, Natsuko Uchino et Mawena Yehouessi, Paris, France

April - July 2018   Panem et Circences I, Duo show with Maha Yammine, La Halle Pont-en-Royans, France, Curated by Giulia Turati

May - July 2018   Panem et Circences II, Duo show with Maha Yammine, Espace Arts Plastiques Madeleine Lambert, Venissieux, France, Curated by Xqvier Jullien

2018-2109   Van Eyck Academy. 1 year Art residency, Masstricht, Netherlands


2014 - 2017

2017   Ideal Art Residency, Museum of Loss and Renewal, Scotland - ArtConnexion, France & Institut Francais, France. Collemacchia, Italy

2017   Stiftelsen Gamleby Tingshus /Foundation Gamleby Courthouse, Gamleby, Sweden

2017   URBS SACRA, Mains d’Oeuvre, Saint-Ouen, France, Curated by Malgorzata Grygielewicz and Ann Stouvenel, with artists: Pawel Althamer , Anna Baumgart , Enrico Floriddia , Eric Giraudet de Boudemange, Laura Gozlan,Nikita Zadan ,Zhanna Kadyrova and Artur Zmijewski, http://www.mainsdoeuvres.org/?lang=fr

2017   MAARAD, Cité internationale des arts, Paris, France, Curated by Ilaf Nouri, with artists: Achraf Touloub, Nourhan Maayouf, Maha Yammine http://www.citedesartsparis.net/

2017   EPPUR SI MUOVE, Centre d’art contemporain La Halle, Pont-en-Royans, France, curated by Giulia Turati, with artists: Cécile Beau, Nicolas Montgermont, Nikolas Fouré, Audrey Martin, Muriel Joya and Marion Tampon-Lajarriette, http://www.lahalle-pontenroyans.org/

2016   32e Salon d’automne, Nicolas Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon, curated by Nora Razian, with artists: Elissa Raad, Balsam Abozor, Adlita Stephan, Abed Al Kadiri, Stelio Scamanga, Antoine Soued, Hannibal Srouji ...https://sursock.museum/

2016   Private Choice, Paris FIAC , curated by Nadia Candet, with artists: Art and language, Berger&Berger, Ana Bidart, Karina Bisch, BLESS, Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Alin Bozbiciu, ORLAN, Jerome Cavaliere, Alex Cecchetti ...http://www.privatechoice.fr/

2016   Baleapop Festival, Saint Jean-de-Luz, curated by Audrey Teichman, with artists: Carmen Campo Real, Claude Closky, Laurent Lacotte ..., http://www.baleapop.com/festival

2016   61e Salon de Montrouge, Beffroi de Montrouge, Paris, France, curated by Ami Barak and Marie Gautier with artists: Anna Lopez Luna, Maha Yammine, Golnaz Payani, Yohan Larmouhet, Guillaume Barth, Rémi Amiot... http://www.salondemontrouge.com/

2015   Beyrouth Métamorphoses, 12 Drouot, Paris, France, curated by Christophe Delavault form Drouot Contemporain, Frédéric Ballonfrom Drouot Formation and Sandy Saad, independant curator with artists: Maha Yammine, Imad El Khechen, Balsam AboZor, Maxime Chami.

2014   JABAL- Jeunes Artistes de Beaux-Arts au Liban, Hôtel LE GRAY, Beirut, curated by Laure d’Hauteville-Taslé d’Héliand

2013   Illustration for « Lam yaled zakaran lam yaled ounsa », poems by Adham Dimashki, Edition Dar-El Adab

2012   31e Salon d’automne du Musée Nicolas Sursock, Beirut Exhibition Centre

2011   Visual arts forum II, Lebanese artists association of painters and sculptors, UNESCO Palace, Beirut

2011   Byblos Cultural centre, Jbeil, Lebanon

2011   Lebanese university, Fine arts Institue

2010   Rassamni Centre, Hamra, Beirut

2010   UNESCO Palace, Beirut